Electrician scissors

As a leading electrical wire cutting scissors facoty, Cypress dedicated itselves to provide high-quality electrician shears for our clients.

Electrical wire cutting scissors are specialized scissors used to cut electrical wires during installations and repairs. Electrician shears are composed of strong steel blades, allowing them to easily cut through copper, aluminum and other kinds of electrical wires. The best electrical wire cutting scissors have injection molded plastic handles which provide a comfortable, ergonomic grip and handle which allows a strong force of torque to be applied during cutting. Electricians use electrician shears in various situations where electric wiring needs to be cut. A scissors factory that produces electrician shears must take into account the size and shape of electrical wire cutting scissors to match the specific tasks electricians will use them for. In order to produce high-quality electrician shears, a scissors factory must ensure that the electrician shears it produces are made from the best materials, offering the highest quality electrical wire cutting scissors available.