Houseware scissors

Cypress is the leading leather scissors manufacturer to offer customers the best quality and service for our cable scissors.

Leather scissors are an essential tool for anyone working with leather, be it crafting a bag, making a belt, or simply trimming leather patches. They are easily distinguishable from regular scissors, as they feature short and broad blades that can cut through several layers of materials. Leather scissors are also able to make the small, precise cuts necessary for intricate projects, like carving details into leather panels. To get the most out of a pair of leather scissors, you will need to care for them and sharpen them properly. A blunt pair of leather scissors can ruin a project, so be sure to keep them in good shape and clean them after each use. Cable scissors function similarly, but they're designed to cut stronger materials such as cables and straps. Cable scissors feature serrated blades that provide the necessary grip and pressure to get through tough surfaces. Both types of scissors are useful for cutting leather or any other material, but depending on the job, the right option should be chosen. That way, both leather scissors and cable scissors can help you achieve the desired results on any item crafted from leather.