Universal scissors

As a leading universal scissors manufacturer, Cypress dedicated itselves to provide high-quality carpet shears for our clients.

Universal scissors are incredibly versatile tools that can be used for a variety of applications. From cutting through packing tape to snipping stray threads, they're an essential tool for someone's workbench. Carpet shears are a type of large universal scissors specifically designed for cutting carpets. Carpet shears feature long blades that help to cut large swaths of carpet quickly and efficiently. Additionally, carpet shears often come equipped with an adjustable handle that can be bent to reach into the tightest of places. With the combination of large blades and a comfortable handle, carpet shears offer a great way to quickly and easily remove sections of carpet.

Universal scissors can easily be used for a variety of tasks, but for jobs like cutting carpet, carpet shears are the go-to tool. Carpet shears come with large blades that help to make quick work out of large sections of carpet. They also come equipped with an adjustable handle that can be bent to reach the tightest of spots. Additionally, depending on the type of shears you choose, they can be used to cut different types of carpets and rugs with ease, making them a great tool to have in any toolbox. No matter the job, whether it be cutting paper or carpet, universal scissors and carpet shears are essential tools and they should be a part of everyone's toolkit.