Office scissors

Cypress provides customization service for office scissors and a variety of products used for different applications of officeworks scissors.

Office scissors are a vital part of any office environment, and thus it is important to purchase the right type of office scissors, such as Officeworks scissors. These specific scissors are designed for the office environment, so they have a durable, ergonomic handle and stainless steel blades that are strong and sharp, designed for precision and long-term use. Officeworks scissors are also designed for safety, as the blades create an opening that is large enough for documents, but small enough to protect hands from contact with the blades. Not only do officeworks scissors offer safety for any office environment, but also the quality that office workers can depend on. Whether it is a heavy-duty application such as cutting cardstock, or a lighter project such as trimming a paper, Officeworks scissors are a dependable product. Their unique design combines quality, durability and comfort to meet the varying needs in any office, making them a great addition to any office space. For any office supplies, office scissors, such as those sold at Officeworks, are an essential purchase.