Technician's Set

• BS-506:
1. Stripping and cutting the cable and wires.
• BS-508:
1. Stripping cable wire
2. Opening the sealed boxes
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  • BS-506:Blades:420 J2 stainless steel 

                     Blade Blade Finish:Polish                  

                     Blade Thickness:3.5mm                  

                     Blade HRC:53±2                  


  • BS-508:Blades:Special stainless steel                  

                     Blade Finish:Polish                  

                     Blade Thickness:2.5mm                    

                     Blade HRC:58±2                  


  • Packing: Leather pouch
  • Packing Info.:6PCS/set/60PCS/carton
  • BS-506

     1. Serrated blades can prevent objects from slip away.

     2. Anti-impact grips designed to fit human body engineering for the comfort of holding.

     3. The inner of grips are made of TPR soft material. Fingers won’t hurt after a long time holding."

  • BS-508: The blade of this scissors is made of high quality stainless steel. Leather pouch can be tied on the safety belt.

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